The Tip Jar

By listener and reader request, I’m providing a tip jar so you can send a few dollars to your favourite podcaster. When you tip, there should be a place to write a note. You can leave who you’d like to tip, or how you’d like your tip to be split there. If there is no note section for some reason, simply put that information in a comment. If you don’t specify, we’ll split your tip amongst the people who are currently podcasting.

Thank you so much for listening, and for your generosity. The studio doesn’t have a budget to pay people with without you.

One response to “The Tip Jar

  1. Hey guys,
    I finially found the tip jar.
    Thanks to all of you for putting a smile on my face everytime I listen to the podcasts. You have put a smile on my face even after a really crappy day, or days, or you have started my day with a smile on my face.
    So looking forward to what is to come.

    Love ya all

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