The Spinward Fringe Podcast Broadcast 27: The One With The Great Big Preview

13687498761960912698door-opening-hiSylvie and I (Randolph Lalonde), spend some time talking about the seven part preview of Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8 (available here), which is a story in itself with a beginning, middle and end. This podcast will spoil that story for you, so it’s a good idea to read it before you listen to this one. We talk about some of the story decisions, and how the central character in the story has evolved.

I also take some time to apologise, as we part the curtain for a look behind the scenes and how little time Sylvie had to work with me on getting the seven part story out into the world. As an Editor, she was on a very tight schedule, and I tell her how I’ll be changing things so that doesn’t happen anymore. All in all, this is a good hour for the Spinward Fringe Podcast, and we do go into some details about how Broadcast 8 is coming along, so people looking for a progress update will find it here.

Thank you so much for listening!

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The Spinward Fringe Podcast Broadcast 25: Hull Breach!


In this episode I reinforce my goals for this year, setting expectations for Broadcast 8, 9, and I talk about what it took to responsibly step back and figure out when those can be expected. We also had a major incident in studio involving some water, so the computer we normally use for podcasting is not available. We recorded on a Mac Mini and use a Cloudkicker tune for the temporary entry theme.

Luke Alberton, from another podcast: An Axe To Grind, co-hosts this episode with me as we talk about my month off, a couple adventures, and what lies ahead.

Yesterday Crewcast Radio obtained permission to use the music of Amanda Palmer so we are pleased to present Want It Back, a track from her latest album: Theatre Is Evil.

Thank you so much for listening!

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The Spinward Fringe Podcast 2: The First One With The Grey Poupon

Crewcast Radio LogoThe intention to move on to a discussion about Spinward Fringe Broadcast 1: Resurrection gets foiled by a number of excellent queries about Broadcast 0 and what may have come before.

After mentioning how fortunate Randolph is to have an active Facebook Page, this episode opens with a conversation about prequel novels / trilogies and other backstory matter.

Other segments include:

– Project update on Broadcast 5’s big re-edit, and Broadcast 7: Framework.

– Ray compliments Randolph on being ‘twisted’ for the first time (in public).

– Randolph answers a question about writers having voices in their heads, and whether or not he has a similar issue.

– Lots of talk about which characters could get their OWN prequel novel.

– An attempt at having a lot of different segments on different topics fizzles as we have too much fun talking about Spinward Fringe post Broadcast 0.

– Mini-segment about the show we’re really excited about. (Spoiler alert for the Sookie Stackhouse Novels / The Southern Vampire Mysteries).

Special thanks to World Versus Me who gave us permission to use a track called ‘Evil’. He has an album coming out soon, which I’m very eager to see. Check him out!

Thank you for listening! We are doing our best to get better at this!


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