2015 Question and Answer Session

Crewcast Radio Broadcast 0 Is Live!

Thanks to a barrage of questions on the Facebook Page, Ray and have rolled up our sleeves and recorded a question and answer podcast. I answer everything the readers put forward on that little thread, and talk about why Crewcast Radio went away for so long just after we seemed to be getting our stuff together.

The Spinward Fringe Podcast is back, and it’s a good thing. Enjoy, comment, and come back for more next week.

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2015 QA

Spinward Fringe Podcast Broadcast 28! The One With The Furry Co-Host

It’s been a long time, but I’ve returned with two co-hosts! Luke Alberton joins me for a special episode of The Spinward Fringe Podcast where we discuss the most recent book, Broadcast 8: Renegades, the future of the series, and what I’m writing right now, Brightwill. We are temporarily joined by Aurelius, my roommates’ dog He pops up a couple times, then lets out what sounds like a short death-squeal when Luke motions for the pup to go back upstairs. The dramatic dog ended his appearance and pouted for the rest of the podcast. 


Also discussed are other podcasts including An Axe To Grind, more Spinward Fringe / Brightwill podcasts, and Thumbscrew Cinema, a feature podcast coming soon. 


Thank you for joining us, please leave a comment or two!



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Crewcast Radio Network Update December, 2012



In this mini-episode, I talk about the hiatus we’ve taken, when we’re coming back and what we’ll be doing when we do. I also play some Bif Naked and almost get into a religious argument with myself about the Holidays.

Want to know what happened to us and the plan for the near future? Here it is!

Thank you for listening!


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Crewcast Radio LIVE!

There is a possibility that we will eventually be able to do live shows. I say it’s a ‘possibility’ because it depends on how available all the hosts are. A live podcast with one host isn’t really that much fun. So, right now, I’m information gathering and getting ready to present the idea to Ray, Sylvie and possibly others in the near future.

We do have the cameras, we even have a gimmick or two, and now we have the live playback equipment to have some real fun. I even know which service will carry the live show, and it won’t be UStream. The question is, when would you guys n’ gals like to see it happen?

There’s a survey available on the Crewcast Radio Facebook Page, and if you don’t use Facebook, please feel free to leave a comment below!

The Spinward Fringe Podcast 7: The One Where George Lucas Retires

George Lucas

George Lucas takes a well earned retirement from big biz to get busy in his garage, we wish him luck.

This podcast starts with a conversation already in progress about beloved entertainers who refuse to retire, retired then changed their mind, and finally comes to the man we initially decided to talk about, George Lucas, who is certain about his retirement. I make a huge mistake several times by referring to Frank Miller as Frank Frezetta – OOPS – then we move on to Ray’s review of the $99.99 Kobo touch. Spoiler alert: he takes no prisoners.

The rest of the episode provides a rare walk through of the Spinward Fringe novel that was never written between Broadcast 0 and Broadcast 1 – and Ray had something to say about that book’s absence.

All in all, it’s a great beginning to our discussion of the Science Fiction world, and the beginning of Broadcast 1, which will continue next week.

We have the pleasure of presenting another tune from Walk Off The Earth this week, it’s called Money Tree. We just can’t seem to get away from this band, and it seems the world is falling under their spell as they continue their tour. Check them out at www.walkofftheearth.com.

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