2015 Question and Answer Session

Crewcast Radio Broadcast 0 Is Live!

Thanks to a barrage of questions on the Facebook Page, Ray and have rolled up our sleeves and recorded a question and answer podcast. I answer everything the readers put forward on that little thread, and talk about why Crewcast Radio went away for so long just after we seemed to be getting our stuff together.

The Spinward Fringe Podcast is back, and it’s a good thing. Enjoy, comment, and come back for more next week.

Download Link:

2015 QA

6 responses to “2015 Question and Answer Session

  1. So good to see the podcast back. I have missed all the laughs that I get while listening. We always get so much more than we ever expect too from you, Randy. Thank you, it was great fun, yet again. Although I could strangle Ray for pointing out that he’s already had his mitts on Broadcast 9. Me, jealous, nooo, whatever give you that idea. Lol

  2. This has been very entertaining. and this has been my very first podcast. from you. I had no idea that this was even happening until I got your email. I never intend on seeming like i’m strong arming anyone while they are writing this fabulous space opera. but I have a very hard time with investing into a book, and finding myself in tears as it reads through. so with the read i have had with you has been great and really don’t want or need any pain filled reading, my reality is already sucking when it comes to that type of stuff, with the wife’s cancer, and all. happy endings are what i’m hoping for, and really would like to know if i can keep reading. so HERE IS MY PODCAST QUESTION, I had a smoking hot english teacher in high school 1973, a Miss Mullins, the blonde well built type that kept the boys attention at all times. SO was there a teacher like that in your school years?

  3. We’re sitting down around the table this weekend, so another one should come out this Sunday. We’ll also be recording a couple at a time now, so things will be much more regular from week to week until the season is over.

    Thank you for listening, and thank you for asking!


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